About Me

I love solving problems. Naturally it brought me to IIT Kharagpur. While studying engineering I explored the pain points of people from different walks of life. I learned more about myself and enhanced my understanding of the world through literature, economics, finance, psychology and mythology. I have been blogging since 2008. I am also working on my first novel.

My professional life has been carefully curated to learn about different business & markets. It started with an internship at a clean technology solutions startup, Greenway based in Mumbai. I followed it up with helping various startups in their ideation phase including a technology web portal, Comptalks.com. I have worked full-time with UBS as an Investment Analyst & FIITJEE as a Physics Faculty.

I am always up for helping people solve their most pressing problems. Be it an adhoc research task for a startup, a dilemma for a student aspiring to get into a prestigious engineering college or any personal issue. Letís collaborate!

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